LE16061 Healthy Volunteer Trial



Both males and females


From 18

to 65 years


Closed: follow-up complete

A Phase 1, Single-Center, Open-label Study to Evaluate the Safety and Pharmacokinetics of Two Tablet Formulations of PRN1008.

The purpose of this study is to investigate the relative bioavailability (the proportion of the study drug which enters the circulation) of PRN1008 when administered as two different tablet formulations – one that is immediate release (IR) and one that has a coating that delays release of the study drug. Participants in this study will receive 3 doses of the delayed release (DR) tablet formulation and 1 dose of the immediate release formulation.

Eligible participants will be required to stay in the clinical unit for a total of 4 study periods consisting of 2 confinement periods. The length of involvement would be up to 76 days (this includes a 4 week screening period, one confinement period of 2 ½ day with 2 overnight stays, a 28 day gap period, then a second confinement period of 8 ½ days with 8 overnight stays and a follow-up visit up to 9 days after your last dose of study drug).

Participants must meet the following criteria:

Male or Female between the ages of 18 and 65
BMI must be between 18 – 35 kg/m2
Medication free with no allergies to any drugs
Non-smokers within last 6 months
Free from any clinically significant illness or disease as determined by medical history

Remuneration is offered to eligible participants.

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Clinical Trial Site: Linear Clinical Research Ltd
Phone Number: 0863825100 Email: contactus@linear.org.au Location: Hospital Avenue, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia

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