New trial into treatment of silicosis, asbestosis, black lung (or coal workers pneumoconiosis) and other dust diseases (the NiPS or Nintedanib in Pneumoconiosis Trial)




Both males and females


From 18

and above




The Holdsworth House Research team are currently looking for study participants who suffer from dust-related fibrotic respiratory diseases, such as coal workers pneumoconiosis (CWP, or Black Lung), silicosis, diffuse dust-related fibrosis, and asbestosis.

The study involves treatment with Nintedanib, which is currently approved for the treatment of another type of lung fibrosis (IPF) but not for dust related lung fibrosis. The medication comes as a tablet, and regular study visits and breathing tests. Some (but not all) visits can be completed remotely.

The study is also being run elsewhere in NSW (Liverpool, Newcastle, Wollongong), in Victoria and  Queensland if you are from one of these areas and are interested in the study, please get in touch and we can happily refer you to the suitable research centre.

There is no cost for medication or study visits.

To be eligible you must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a dust-related interstitial lung disease (e.g silicosis, coal workers pneumoconiosis, asbestosis)
  • Have progressive loss of lung function (ie your breathing is gradually getting worse)

Further details are available on the Australian Clinical Trial Registry (NCT04161014),



A/Prof Deborah Yates



Please contact Holdsworth House Research to register your interest:

Phone: 02 8038 1044



Please note: If English is not your first language, that is not a problem – we can arrange a translator, but this would be faciitated if you could kindly let us know in advance.

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