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What is COMPARE?

COMPARE is an Australian national randomised controlled trial which aims to compare two types of intensive speech pathology treatments (Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy; Multi-modality Aphasia Therapy) to usual care, for people with aphasia 6 months to 15 years following stroke.  After stratification by aphasia severity, 216 participants will be randomised to Multi-modality Aphasia Therapy, Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy, or usual care. Cognitive, language, and speech assessments at baseline will enable sophisticated predictors of treatment responsiveness to be defined. The primary outcome is aphasia severity immediately following treatment but secondary outcomes are also collected 3 months following treatment and include measures of conversation ability, mood, and quality of life. An economic analysis of treatment costs and possible savings in other related health care expenditure will be undertaken.

Who is involved?

The trial is funded by the Australian National Health Medical Research Council over 4 years and is led by Associate Professor Miranda Rose from La Trobe University. The chief investigators include Associate Professor David Copland (University of Queensland), Professor Lyndsey Nickels (Macquarie University), Professor Leanne Togher (University of Sydney), Associate Professor Marcus Meinzer (University of Queensland), Dr Tapan Rai (University of Technology Sydney), and Dr Erin Godecke (Edith Cowan University).


Clinical Trial Site:
Phone Number: 03 9479 2776 Email: Location: La Trobe University – Stop 60, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Mornington, Victoria, Australia Geelong, Victoria, Australia Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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