St Vincent’s Hospital Immunology B Ambulatory Care (IBAC)

Condition(s): Neurological

ADDRESS: St Vincent\’s Hospital Sydney, Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW, Australia
POSTAL ADDRESS: Department of Neurology, Level 4, Xavier Building, St Vincent’s Hospital, Victoria Street Darlinghurst
PHONE: (02) 8382 4976
WEBSITE: Visit Website

Name: Sarah Barney
Role:  Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator
Phone: (02) 8382 4976

Name: Thomas Gates
Role: Clinical Trial Manager
Phone: (02) 8382 4989

St Vincent’s has a high number of people living with HIV or at high risk of HIV infection living in its vicinity, and is the largest HIV service in Australia. IBAC is known for its welcoming, friendly, confidential and professional staff. St Vincent’s Hospital has a long, well-known history as a centre of excellence in the diagnosis and compassionate care of those with HIV. Our services include Specialist Clinics, Nursing Care, Day Treatment and access to Social Work support and Dietician Services. We also provide HIV prevention services including HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), which are both highly effective at preventing HIV infection in those at high risk.

St Vincent’s is currently looking for people living with HIV who may or may not be experiencing problems with their cognition (thinking skills) and are concerned they may have HIV residing in the brain. For further information please click here.


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