Sinclair DIRECT (Dermatology Investigational Research Education and Clinical Trials)

Condition(s): Cancer, Healthy Volunteers, Metabolic and Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, Other, Public Health, Skin

ADDRESS: Level 3, 2 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, VIctoria, Australia
POSTAL ADDRESS: Level 3, 2 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, VIctoria, Australia
PHONE: +61396542426
WEBSITE: Visit Website

Name: Dr Carol Robinson
Role:  Study Coordinator
Phone: 61488965426


Sinclair Dermatology. Sinclair Dermatology is Victoria’s largest dermatology clinic with 8 Dermatologists and a Plastic Surgeon and 5 sites across Victoria in Melbourne’s North, East, South and Centre as well as Gippsland.
We have 2 Principal investigators, 2 trial co-ordinators and 4 Associate investigators. We are a private site, but are affiliated with the Epworth Hospital. We can use either Bellbury or the Epworth hospital HREC. We have an onsite pharmacy and pathology collection centre. We have access to a research laboratory with centrifuge and minus 70 freezers. We do phase 1, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV studies.

Therapeutic Areas: Sinclair Direct have experience in Biologic trials in psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, pemphigus and alopecia as well as vaccine trials and pharmaceutical trials in skin.



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