Peninsula Therapeutic and Research Group

Condition(s): Mental Health

ADDRESS: 137 Frankston – Flinders Road, Frankston, Victoria, Australia
POSTAL ADDRESS: 137 Frankston – Flinders Road, Frankston, Victoria, Australia
PHONE: 03 9770 1579
WEBSITE: Visit Website

Name: Xenia Jung
Role:  Study Coordinator
Phone: 03 9770 1579

About PTRG

PTRG is a clinical research unit that specialises in mental health studies. Our team of doctors, nurses, clinical researchers and administrative staff have over 15 years of clinical trial experience. We aim to provide the best possible care to our patients by offering clinical research opportunities using medications that are not available to the general public.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance knowledge in the mental health arena utilising our extensive experience, knowledge and capabilities while providing the best possible care to our patients.


What We Do

PTRG works in partnership with major pharmaceutical companies, mental health organisations and local support groups to conduct clinical trials aimed at finding new medications and treatments for a range of mental illnesses and related conditions.



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