Paratus Clinical KANWAL Trial Clinic

Condition(s): Cardiovascular, Diet and Nutrition, Injuries and Accidents, Mental Health, Metabolic and Endocrine, Neurological, Respiratory, Skin, Stroke

ADDRESS: 654 Pacific Highway, Kanwal, NSW, 2259, Australia
POSTAL ADDRESS: Suite A7, Kanwal Medical Complex, Pacific Highway, KANWAL NSW 2259
PHONE: 1300 742 326
WEBSITE: Visit Website

Name: Ann Thomas
Role:  Other
Phone: 1300 742 326

Our Kanwal clinic is a dedicated Clinical Trial Clinic located on the NSW Central Coast within a large Medical Complex which is co-located with the Wyong Public Hospital. We employ staff dedicated to the delivery of clinical trials working with General Practitioners and Specialist Medical Staff located within the local area.


No active clinical trials


No current jobs


Coming Soon

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