Name: Karen Brennan
Role:  Clinical Trial Manager
Phone: 0240893744

Name: Paula Abrego
Role: Pharmacist
Phone: 0240893745

Name: Toni McCallum Pardey
Role: Investigator
Phone: 0240893746

Novatrials (previously known as Pendlebury Research) is a leading clinical trial centre located in Kotara, Newcastle. Our friendly dedicated team of health professionals are motivated by the unmet medical needs of our community. By facilitating clinical trials we are striving to find new and improved treatments.

Our trial participants are our priority and we provide the best possible care in a comfortable and inviting facility. It is only through the willingness of our volunteers that we can advance medicine through clinical trials.

Novatrials has experience in a broad range of conditions. We are able to conduct Phase I – IV trials in: All Cardiology and Cardiac related conditions; Diabetes and Diabetic Heart Disease; Dermatology; Gastroinestinal Disorders; Genitourinary; Neurological; Obesity; Pain Management; Respiratory Conditions; Vaccines; General Clinical Management (ie Headache; Migraine; Hypercholesterolaemia; Communicable Diseases).

Our Principal Investigators are: Dr Akash Dhawan – Cardiologist; Dr Lior Sagi – Dermatologist; Dr Arvind Deshpande – Vascular Surgeon; Dr Erwin Sunjoto – General Medicine


No active clinical trials


No current jobs


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