Name: Dr Ainsley Robinson
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Role: Study Coordinator
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GV Health is located approximately 170km north of Melbourne in Greater Shepparton, the fifth-largest regional city in Victoria by population. GV Health is the main referral health service in the Victoria’s west Hume region, providing a range of services and programs to support the health needs of a diversity of people across all ages. These services include inpatient and ambulatory services covering Women’s and Children’s Services, Aged Care, Rehabilitation and Palliative Care, Allied Health Services, Mental Health, Cancer and Wellness Services, Community-based Health Programs, Dental Services, Dialysis, Drug and Alcohol Services, a 24-hour Emergency Department, Medical and Surgical Care.

GV Health services a large catchment area with an overall catchment population of approximately 120,000 people – 70% of which reside in Greater Shepparton. Greater Shepparton is home to a diverse multicultural population, of which about a quarter was born overseas. The community includes the largest regional population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Victoria (3.8% of the Greater Shepparton population; approximately twice the rates of rural Victoria).

Several health conditions and chronic illnesses are more prevalent in the Greater Shepparton region than in the rest of Victoria, including heart disease (8.1% vs 6.9%), obesity (26.4% vs 17.3%), asthma (13.7% vs 10.9%) and low birth weight babies (7.9% vs 6.6%). Furthermore, a higher than average percentage of people living in Greater Shepparton do not meet physical activity (38.9% vs 32.1%) and fruit/vegetable consumption guidelines (54.9% vs 51.1%).

GV Health has the capacity to conduct phase II-IV clinical trials in Oncology, Anaesthesia, General and Geriatric Medicine, Surgery, Orthopaedics, Respiratory Medicine, Nephrology, Psychiatry, Allied Health, Palliative care, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Rehabilitation, Emergency & ICU.


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