Emeritus Research (Sydney)

Condition(s): Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Cardiovascular, Diet and Nutrition, Ear, Eye, Healthy Volunteers, Inflammatory and Immune System, Injuries and Accidents, Mental Health, Metabolic and Endocrine, Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Oral and Gastrointestinal, Other, Public Health, Renal and Urogenital, Reproductive Health and Childbirth, Respiratory, Skin

ADDRESS: Lakes Business Park, Building, 2A Level 1, Suite/2 2 Lord St, Botany NSW 2019
POSTAL ADDRESS: Lakes Business Park, Building, 2A Level 1, Suite/2 2 Lord St, Botany NSW 2019
PHONE: (02) 8964 8186
WEBSITE: Visit Website

Name: Teresa Ringeri
Role:  Head-Business Development
Phone: 0452 496 166
Email: teresaringeri@emeritusresearch.com








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Emeritus Research is a dedicated, multi-site, private clinical trials site with over 20 years of clinical trials experience.  Emeritus conducts clinical trials in most therapeutic areas outside of oncology including rheumatology, dermatology, gastroenterology, respiratory, lifestyle diseases, healthy volunteers, aesthetic medicine and cardiology. Emeritus Research can undertake trials from Phase I to Phase IV and can do some first in human trials (depending on the IP involved) and also can conduct serial PKs and accommodate PKs up to 12 hours. We have extensive onsite capabilities and access to external local vendors to provide trial support if required.

We have trial sites in Melbourne and Sydney that operate independently under the same institution.

We have approximately 60 staff that includes:

  • 15+ Investigators and a Medical Director
  • 12+ Study Coordinators
  • 6+ Research Assistants
  • Pharmacist
  • Study Nurses
  • Phlebotomists and Laboratory staff
  • Dedicated Trial Advancement Team that manages start-up from selection to SIV in average of 2 months
  • Dedicated Recruitment Team of 6 that conducts recruitment, advertising and pre-screening activities
  • Site Managers, Overall Operations Manager, onsite CEO
  • Business Development Manager


As a dedicated trials center, we remain open throughout COVID restrictions to ensure continued healthcare to our trial participants. Our staff and resources remain focused on trial work. We can accommodate remote SSVs, SIVs, IMs and monitoring visits as required during the local restrictions in place at the time.


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