Name: Helen Plummer
Role:  Clinical Research Manager
Phone: +61 410 567855

Name: Dr Matthew Green
Role: Investigator
Phone: 08 8340 7733

Name: Rebekah Richards
Role: Study Coordinator
Phone: 08 8340 7733

Name: Jane Collins
Role: Study Coordinator
Phone: 08 8340 7733

Monday: 0830 – 1700

Tuesday: 0830 – 1700

Wednesday: 0830 – 1700

Thursday: 0830 – 1700

Friday: 0830 – 1700



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Expanding our presence in the growing Clinical Trials space, PainMedSA Led by the PI Dr Matthew Green, has re-branded the research arm of the business – as CerCare Pty Ltd.  The PI’s main area of experience is primarily in the areas of pain, surgery, technology and devices, as well as participating in vaccine and Medical Marijuana trials. The experience ranges from Phase 1 FIH through to Phase 4 post-marketing studies.

The core team at the facility consists of 3 Study Coordinators, a Research Nurse, 3 Admin staff, a Clinical Manager, a dedicated Office Manager, Physiotherapist, Psychologist and 4 other Investigators (specialising in Pain Management, General Practice and Emergency Medicine).   Depending on the work requirements we have the space and capabilities to recruit additional staff as we develop the top area of the recently purchased building into a dedicated research space – with clinic rooms, monitoring space, centrifuge, ECG machine, dedicated temperature controlled IP fridge (with back up emergency power) and a sample storage freezer (-20 degrees).  We have been working to streamline our clinic processes, establishing site SOPs and training all site staff to deliver exceptional quality data.  As our database of patients grows, the success of our clinical trial performance will depend upon recruitment of an adequate patient population but we are familiar with working with recruitment agencies such as Galen which help facilitate the selection of suitable subjects.

An area of special interest is the ever-increasing field of Women’s Health – with experience in a range of conditions, specifically related to Menopause, this is a condition of special interest that we hope to grow our expertise.

We are happily open to review any research feasibilities that maybe available.


We follow the Guidelines from SA Health in remaining uptodate regarding travel restrictions and follow the advice from SA Health with regard to testing, isolating and quarantining should it be deemed necessary.



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