Central Coast Neurosciences Research

Condition(s): Neurological

ADDRESS: 34 Brougham St, East Gosford & C30 Kanwal Medical Complex, Pacific Highway, Kanwal NSW
POSTAL ADDRESS: 34 Brougham St, East Gosford. NSW 2250
PHONE: 61 2 43249811

Name: Michelle Anderson
Role:  Study Coordinator
Phone: 61 2 43249811
Email: michelle@neurosciences.com.au

Name: Alison Slattery
Role: Study Coordinator
Phone: 61 2 43249811
Email: alison@neurosciences.com.au

Name: Dr Denis Crimmins
Role: Investigator
Phone: 61 2 43249811
Email: dscrimmins@neurosciences.com.au

We are a private neurology site in Consulting rooms. Currently have 2 Principal Investigators and 2 Co -investigators. We have access to pathology labs nearby and also have the capability to perform lab samples on site. We have our own pharmacy facilities. We have a current data base for Stroke, Alzheimers Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Epilepsy to name a few. We use Bellberry Ethics Committee for our ethics submissions that has timely review of all submissions. All staff have worked in Clinical trials for 13-20 years and all have GCP and other sponsor related qualifications. Our site has been audited by regulatory authorities and has had no issues to date.

Therapeutic Areas: Stroke, Dementia, Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cardiovascular Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.


No active clinical trials


No current jobs


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