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to 80 years



Depression affects millions.  Millions of people worldwide have major depressive disorder, the most commonly diagnosed form of depression. Depression is more than just sadness. It interferes with daily life and causes pain for you and everyone who cares about you. It’s a common illness, but a very serious one.
People with depression often find it hard to sleep, perform normal household chores, and
attend social and family activities. Because this disease impacts so many and current
medications don’t work well for everyone, researchers are working to develop new
investigational drugs that may better treat depression in the future.

Local doctors are looking for people with major depressive disorder to volunteer for a clinical research study of an investigational study medication for Treatment-Resistant Depression.
If you are 18 – 80 years old and have tried at least 2 different prescribed antidepressants, you may qualify for our clinical trial.


Clinical Trial Site: Peninsula Therapeutic and Research Group
Phone Number: 03 9770 1579 Email: Location: 137 Frankston – Flinders Road, Frankston VIC, Australia

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Approved By: HREC of Sydney Local Health District              

Clinical Trial Registry Link: Click Here