Centre for Clinical Studies

Condition(s): Healthy Volunteers, Other

ADDRESS: Level 5, 89 Commercial Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

PHONE: 1800 243 733
WEBSITE: Visit Website

Name: Recruitment
Role:  Other
Phone: 1800 243 733
Email: reply@clinicalstudies.com.au

The Centre for Clinical Studies runs early stage clinical trials for some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Based in close proximity to South Yarra with a Melbourne address, we reside next to the Alfred Hospital.

In order for new medications to make it onto the market, they must first undergo meticulous testing to determine overall safety and effectiveness. Here at the Centre for Clinical studies we facilitate these studies in-house, from the largest clinical trial unit in Australia.

We conduct our clinical studies with either healthy or patient volunteers. Healthy volunteers are individuals who meet the criteria for being healthy. Patient volunteers have specific medical conditions for which we are investigating new or improved treatments. Without volunteers, the development of new medication would not be possible.



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